Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Mudgee Memory Making

Family history is a big deal on my husbands side - his mum can tell you about the whole extended bunch way back to the original settlers in Australia. My family wow I know a little history and now I know a little more but my family is huge!

Lets start with my Pop - mums dad rest his beautiful soul, he was one of 5. Well his brother Tom married Mary and last weekend would have been Great Aunt Mary's 100th birthday so her granddaughter decided a family reunion was in order.
Isn't funny how when you mention an idea on Social Media and it snowballs - well that's what happened here! Out of the 5 original siblings 2 off their family tree lines decided a reunion was in order - hence we ended up in Mudgee for the Long weekend to meet new family members and catch up with those we hadn't seen in a while. 94 people so not bad if I do say so myself.

I though I'd share some photos - I did get a little card making in but not as much as I planned.

Miss Eilish is still on her Learners so she got to get some hours up! Whilst I took up possie in the back and left my husband to do the teaching.

We loved catching up with everyone but oh boy it was cold. My cousin even stopped an hour out of Mudgee to get a photo with snow in her hair! I did not pack properly for the conditions so the local shops were supported.

We all verged on Cathy's Farm - we sang Irish songs (there's that history) looked at some amazing old photos, hung about some big bon fires, chatted and made new friends in family we had never previously met. Mu mum especially loved it after all her Radiotherapy treatment but it wore her out big time.

We spent Sunday traipsing around in a car convoy of 4 - some in the family wanted to try out the local Winery's that Mudgee is well known for. I just wanted to see the markets.

Coming home we stopped at some of the local attractions. The old Railway station that is now a craft shop. Frog rock - yep it actually looks like a frog! and The Drip - we think we found it but after 30 minutes of bushwalking the track stopped and the step tracker said I had done the 1km the sign said so I presume we arrived at The Drip! we'd had rain but there was no dripping water??? It was pretty and it did break up the journey.

Family Selfies on holidays are a must!

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