Monday, 22 February 2016

Argh me Hearties

Its been a while since you have seen a stitching post from me and I believe this little guy deserves to been seen far and wide because he is so squash buckling cute!
A baby shower invite arrived from my cousin and I knew I had to make an effort.
I also knew they were having a little boy (being a midwife I am nervous because the scans can often be mistaken but I'm sure a little princess would love him as well),
I asked if there was a theme - yay its Nautical - he fits in!
So I ticked some boxes and then had the challenge of sorting the shift swap so I could attend.  
He was well received she ooh and ahhed appropriately after I convinced her to open the present - what is it about gifts these days she didn't want to open them in front of anyone. I am such a sticky I love to see the gifts - a perk of being that same midwife I get to see the new gifts people bring to the hospital.

On another note I also made this beauty for her - not the cake but the cake topper. I have new toy and it cuts 3mm acrylic beautifully so this cake topper was also part of her gift.

Yes the cake was super yum and worth breaking the diet for!
Nearly forgot The Pirate pattern is a Dolls and Daydreams pattern and if you are into making out with a sewing machine they are super easy - the instructions are clear and easy to follow so why not give it a go.

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