Saturday 16 May 2015

Join Now - why wait?

Join my team right NOW and build your Starter Kit filled with new products!
Start your new business with a swag of BRAND NEW Stampin’ Up! PRODUCTS to show your friends, family and customers.
As Demonstrators we don’t have to wait for the official launch date of a new catalogue to get our hands on new products!
During the month or so before a catalogue launches, Demonstrators get to pre-order from a specially selected Sneak Peek List and the same applies when you JOIN the Stampin’ up! between now and June 2nd …….you’ll be able to order from that same Sneak Peek list for your Starter Kit – still only $169 for $235 product value!
If you are ready to jump right on in click HERE to join up now!
Got questions? Please feel free to contact me on 0411283376 to learn more about funding your hobby or running your own flexible home-based business.
Some FAQ’s
What does it cost to join?
It costs $169 to join and after that you’ll receive a 20% discount on all your personal orders. You can use your 20% commission on customer orders to pay for your own supplies. There are no ongoing membership or business fees.
Do I have to do workshops?
Not at all! Workshops are entirely optional and you are free to simply purchase for yourself at a discount or just sell to your friends and family.
Is there a minimum monthly sales amount required?
Stampin’ Up! have a required quarterly minimum amount of $440 retail which starts in your first FULL quarter. Joining in May means your first minimum order amount is not due until September 30!
Are there penalties for “lapsing” as a demonstrator?
No penalties …..if you don’t make your minimum one quarter, you’ll be given an extra month’s grace to make up the shortfall and then simply go back to being a customer again – no dramas.
Do people really make money doing this?
You can turn your Stampin’ business into a full or part time job or simply let it remain a hobby for you…….the choice is yours.

Contact me for more information - hit the Contact Me button here.

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