Wednesday, 29 January 2014

RAK beauty

I received this beautiful card from a team member today and had to share. There is something special about getting mail that's 1 not a bill and 2 totally unexpected. With beautiful kind words to match the beautiful card I was completely chuffed. So Chantini I say thank you for your kindness. 

Oh and for the record I love sewing on card stock as much as I do fabric. 
If you want to give it a try there is a few simple things you must remember to save your sanity more than anything, don't try and use the needle on fabric afterwards as the paper blunts them as it does scissors, sew slower than you would with fabric to get a better result and if you can avoid sewing over adhesives you will get less thread breakages. Metallics look good but give me grief on card so if you have the patience go for it but I have found cotton, cotton blends and some of the thicker embroidery threads work best.

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