Friday, 14 August 2020

MARVELous Birthday Celebration Inspired by our favourite Superheros

I have been quiet with good reason - my big girl turned 21 and even though COVID is still a concern we are allowed 20 visitors to our home at a time. The best thing about being on a large property I was actually comfortable with this number. But it meant that we had to do multi events over the weekend to cover all the friends and family.
So who wants to see some photos? We decided due to Eilish being so in love with Marvel characters that we would do a Disney Bounding style party with a Marvel theme!

So part of the decorations was a photo booth - well the backdrop I ordered didn't arrive so I made my own using plastic table covers - now they were a bit of a bugger to secure but a little gaffa tape and thumb tacks became our friends. 

Balloons so many balloons but they make a great pop of colour and fast! So I hit YouTube to see how to make a tower of balloons - wow so many ideas!! We used approx 100 balloons a heap of fishing line to come up with 2 upright columns and a not sure what to call it but a long snake of a bunch that we blocked a window with. I will say the electric balloon pump was the best $20 ever spent!

This is my book case back - I could shove stuff to hide it and then the back became part of the scenery - we even wrapped her gifts the same and she had no idea!

As part of the photo booth look I saw a comic on Pinterest so made my own version out of painted cardboard - note to anyone that wants to make their own - use MDF or Ply as this was a bit wobbly and easy to bend.

The cake table and sweets hence the Yum sign - these word bombs are cut from cardboard and made for very quick easy decorations. How great do those Balloons look?

It wouldn't be a party without cake now would it? This was the yummy masterpiece my friend made for us. I cut the topper on my laser though.

So 2 parties means 2 cakes - well my friend made the first Marvelous creation and quick sticks I made this one for the next days family event.

All the food had fun labels to go with the theme.

I have created a photo album as well for some of the many photos we took to land in but will share that separately. I cut the same 'topper' I made for the cake for the cover of the album.

I cut some big MDF silhouettes of her favourite characters and my daughter painted them over the last few months to bring these guys to the party. 

To get the effect of Ironman popping out of the wall I used a couple of tricks. He was painted in flat red spray paint then the darkened highlights to give him shadow I did with the Stampin' Up! Blends alcohol markers - they slid perfectly across the surface to give great depth. Then we attached a small nail to the top of the door frame to sit his toes behind but the hanging mechanism is wedged so that he sat 5 cm away from the wall at the top.

The fist was on the bathroom door which made it easy when giving directions to the loo. with the door where people could wash hands had the shield in it. Even the bathroom mirror got decorated!

Last but not least this is our bedroom door - yes I know it isn't Marvel but you know what I just wanted it to stay closed because that's where I hid everything that was in my way.

We will be back to our regular creative card and scrapbook sharing soon as I recover from this epic event. Oh actually here is a photo of the back of my jacket (stay stitch in place still) because I couldn't initially decide who I wanted to go 'Inspired By' for my dress up.

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