Thursday, 16 April 2020

A Blast from the Past! - Scrapbooking Global April 2020 Blog Hop


Welcome to April the month that looks to be lasting longer than a year! I am loving the memes but hating the reason for them, I love heading into my space to create but now have to share it with school, dance classes and office meetings which is so cramping my style.
COVID-19 has changed our way of life and as a memory keeper I am continuing to take photos - the kids are finding it weird but although a challenging time one day it will be history so it's important to document it. Speaking of history check out this months theme - A Blast from the Past - could it be a photo or 2 from years ago could your blast from the past be a technique or style?

I have chosen to step back in time not with the photos but with a scrapbooking style that I use to love and lets say features heaps in my albums, Colour Blocking! 

So I dug deep into my stash and pulled out an old ideas book plus a template from my Color Blocking days then started to play - that is when I realised the template I have is from series 2 but the book covered the templates from series 1!

By Definition Colour Blocking is using blocks of colour to shape your layout. First things first I picked my photos then decided sort of what I wanted to do with the blocks - I already have a heap of Christmas photos colour blocked so decided to stick with them plus it will make doing the rest of last years Christmas photos easier.


I cut all the blocks in black to start with so I could see where I wanted to join them or even if I did. Initially I had the bottom left 2 joined but tweaked that and joined the 3 at the top. Best bit is now I have all my black template pieces as well so I can make other pages to match.

With the template over the 12x12 piece of white cardstock I popped a small light pencil mark in the corners of each block. This made it easier when it came to placement of the pieces.
Because the current Christmas stamps we have didn't suit what was in my head I pulled out Capture the Good Times for this Christmas page.


Thanks for popping in - just curious - What sort of things have you learnt, changed or are doing differently that you would never have done had isolation not been a part of your story? Tony and I are essential workers so both are working - Tony from home but I head into the hospital for my shifts so that much is still familiar. The kids have been doing more jigsaws, gardening and cooking than they have ever done but they seem to be able to go through just as much washing - go figure!
Time to hop on over to see what sort of Blast from the Past Delys in New Zealand has to share with us? 

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  1. Oh that is a blast from the past with this style! I remember it well! Lovely use of the stamp set too..Its on my next order for sure now!

  2. What a happy looking layout, Courtenay. Thanks for sharing.

  3. FANTASTIC Blast from the past... I actually thought about re-doing an old page.
    BUT decided I would go with old photo...I too love colour blocking, something that I haven't done for a while <3
    Cheers Shaz

  4. I've learnt something new. I didn't know about colour blocking! This is very cool. And how perfect to have all the planning done for the rest of the photos. That's awesome.

    1. Have a good old sticky around YouTube there were some great videos but heads up they are about 10+ years old! Thank you.

  5. This concept is so fun! I haven’t seen it done before and you did a lovely job. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh Courtenay! I remember the good old stencils!I'm sure I still have some too...or at least proof I used them in my old scrapbooks. I love your page. Your colour blocking helps tie everything together and you are able to fit more photos on one page quite neatly! You are amazing to keep it all together with all the new and stressful demands - work, kids, home, new social rules. And are very much appreciated as a front line healthworker too. Stay safe my friend. x