Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bringing people together across the sea.

I'm feeling blessed. From way across the sea - Austria to be precise, this beautiful card has arrived. Stampin' Up! Has opened the doors to some amazing new friends for me including Judith who sent these to me.

I shared the photos from my Onstage event swaps, Judith messaged me saying how she loved them and couldn't wait to meet there. I didn't get to Brussles but went to the local even in NZ instead so a meting was not going to happen. We still wanted to swap so off to the Post Office we both went. I am thinking this may become a regular event. 

Judith included some cute tags as well. 

My kids were in awe - I sometimes worry that they just don't get how big this beautiful world really is and how a little kindness is returned with love. The kids have winced looked up where Austria is and Judith better be aware that if ever we get to visit there she may have us knocking on her door just for a hug and hello. 

Stampin ' Up! encourage us to love what we do - tick and share that love - tick.
Have a Happy New Year, a healthy and prosperous 2016

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