Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Flower girl with a difference

I A few years back my brother married the girl that was to become the light of our lives. She has made him the better person he is today and for that we are truely greatful.
My sister (I love her like she has always been a part of my family) is from Palangkaraya, Borneo Indonesia. A beautiful part of Indonesia that we had the pleasure of visiting what is now 6 years ago. They married here but then we all went "home" for a traditional wedding, what an adventure.
We visited the Orangutangs, ate from the street stalls and in general were an unusual sight for the locals. One of the fun days us girls hit the local beauty spa - that's 3 little fair girls, my bottle died red haired mum and I. Let me paint the picture for you of part of our trip.
Flying from Jakata to Panlangkaraya takes about an hour and we were the only non nationals on the plane, I am pretty sure they did the voice over in English just for us.
My family only speaks English, we have loads of freckles to go with our fair skin, all 3 kids have long hair (middle ones is bottom length and red) and one of them talks non stop even to those who don't understand. 
I left my 6 + foot hubby with my brother at the family home - neither of them spoke Bahasa and the family don't speak English 5 hrs later we returned polished, trimmed and photographed more than any paparazzi would even think to do. For the cost of $30 Australian the 5 of us had wash, blow dry and trims, a pedicure and manicure. We then had to pose for photos with each of the staff.
Weddings are a 3 day affair with a lot of clothing changes and let me tell you the traditional Kaybays are like mini ovens - tulle is not cool or drafts in anyway!
My little middle child was a flower girl - so I have when I saw the Park Lane DSP range I had to scrap a page with it. The beautiful flowers matched her dress and the colours highlighted the gold trimmings on her dress and in her hand. 
So here is the mud map or sketch I started with -

Here is the final result

Product number 133694 $18.95 

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