Sunday, 16 February 2014

Home again Home again

I'm am back on home soil after a lovely break away just hubby and I - first time since BC and it was so easy! I love my kiddies to bits but definitely noticed the little things that traveling without children changes.
Picture this boarding the aeroplane and not having to fight about who is sitting where, reminding the littlest one to keep her feet off the seat in front oh 10 thousand times then being able to watch a whole movie without having to feed, toilet or break up a argument between kids! Arriving at our destination then time to exit the plane - it didn't matter who went first!
Speaking of all this we flew Garuda - this was the best. In Sydney we got our Visa (gold) This is a big deal I promise, then to top it off they have on board immigration so when we arrived we just handed in our orange card then straight though without a queue (2 other planes had landed at the same time so said queue was huge). After picking up our bags (last off the plane as usual) it was off to customs - so that's 3 plane loads of people in the Non declarant line - hehehe we had declared food, chips, chocolate lollies etc. well there was no one in that line so straight through with the dude laughing at us going that's not food - yes it is we eat it!
Whilst in Bali - I shopped when I wanted to, afternoon prices are better than morning prices, hubby was very good and patient with my haggling then walking away empty handed if I didn't like the price or loaded up because you get a better deal when you bundle. He would give me heaps when the store owner hit the money against the stock to give good luck - he believed that meant I paid to much - but hey everyone was still smiling and I got about 20kg of good stuff! Note here Garuda have increased their bag limit to 30kg.
Flying home overnight - I slept most of the way because I could. Off the plane in a leisurely fashion down the hall to immigration, well we have the new passports with the microchip so scan the passport move to the next bit pop card in the slot pose for the photo straight through! If you have kids with you - sorry not for under 18's stand in the huge queue. Plane landed 7:50am we were in the car on the way home by 9am.
You probably want to see some photos - we forgot to take a camera I got one or two from the phone.

The Lagoon Pool


The view at breaky

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