Tuesday, 8 November 2016

OnStage in Review.

OnStage Photo Review.

I love OnStage - a Demonstrator only event where we get to be inspired, we create and we share more than just our love of Stampin' Up!
This time I attended the event in Brisbane - 3 days of pure fun and inspiration that left me excited about what's to come with January and exhausted from how much there was to take in - lucky I had my notepad.
A little about OnStage as I know not everyone reading this is a Demonstrator. We have a 6 monthly get together - one big 3 day event somewhere in the world - this time it was Brisbane's turn and a load of smaller one day events in numerous cities so that we could all be inspired at the same-ish time.
I was very excite to fly from Sydney to Brisbane and stayed with a great group of other Demonstrators - one being my aunt.
None of the card photos are mine - they were on the boards for inspiration shared by some other amazing Demonstrators.

There was a massive screen above the stage so no one missed anything - we could even see exactly what their hands were doing as they showed us some great creations with the new goodies.

That's what the view of the stage looked like from my seat and below is the critter that Rich was colouring in with our Fine Tip Glue Pen mixed with reinker! Do you like the Shelli and Sara sandwich Rich? Check out the hash tag #menofstampinup to see more great photos on social media sites - I loved it. 

How cool is that slimy looking critter?

 Emma was so much fun to watch - I honestly think she was having as much fun as we did watching though!

 A mug shot of me with Emma from New Zealand.

 Room mates

Featuring a beautiful Million Dollar set - this one will be popular and now after seeing it demonstrated I need it!

Birthdays - Yay for Birthdays - great for the #imbringingbirthdaysback movement on social media. Check it out next time you are on Facebook or Instagram.

Not the greatest photo but I looove this - how cute is our Bakers Box? Australia Post would be proud of this take on it. Mmmm a little note I see in there.

 Lucky I'm ok with Balloons not like my mother she is not a fan - they were everywhere!

Now these Elephants were amazing and one stamp set that blew me out of the water with its versatility. The presentation sold me this little guy and he moved straight to the top of the must have list for pre order! (Demonstrators get to pre-order approximately a month before a catalogue goes live so we can have great samples ready to show you all as soon as it goes live - in this case 4th January)

This event was super special - as all Birthdays are.

Roof top dinner with an amazing view of the city.


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