Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Something a little fishy

A visit from a friend bought this amazing card to my attention - it was real WOW factor and would be perfect for a special request from my mum.
You see my mum has Breast Cancer and she is currently having radiotherapy for the treatment of it. The nurse in me is scared for her, hey I'm scared for me I am not ready to loose her and don't like this journey either. Give me my babies any day!
I have found great comfort in recreating these cards with a very distinct purpose. They are inspired by Jessica Williams and you can find her post featuring them HERE .

They are all slightly different because of my fish options - all fish were fussy cut which I find very therapeutic. 

Now for envelopes - these had to go via Australia Post - mmm who knows what condition they will deliver them in but I'm sure unprotected it won't be good. So some Stampin Up backing card from my DSP packs has been cut to protect them on their journey.

My mum works for Captain Cook Cruises on Sydney Harbour - she says she has the best job in the world - not bad floating around that beautiful blue office talking about the history and sights of our Harbour day in and out. Last week my Cousin organised a fundraising cruise for mum and these cards are going to the owner of Captain Cook, the crew that volunteered their time and gave up a days wages to cruise us around and the office staff that helped pull it all together.
Mum has a fan page - I know right and you can find it here if you would like to follow her ramblings.
She is a little famous around these parts - with her appearing on Family Feuds 1st Birthday show last year and then oh my gosh she came up as a Fatty Vautin look alike on the Australian Footy show!

Some photos from our Cruise For Jude.

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