Wednesday, 8 February 2017

So In Love with Falling in Love!

You know what I have decided - my best cards come from Pinterest inspiration and a lack of design and prep time.

I had a workshop blow out with 6 extra people added in the last 4 hrs before starting, not enough stock to do my original choice so I had to design, prep and pack then get to the workshop in that short space of time! Talk about stress but I did it.

30 minutes on Pinterest with a stamp set, DSP and colours in mind already (since I had enough stock of those items) I found Linda's card and went yes that's divine and I can do that with my friends. You can check out Linda's card HERE as its similar but not exactly the same.

Now these ladies I was working with are good friends of mine and very experienced long term scrapbookers so I knew they would be up for any challenge but I also knew their colour likes and dislikes so half got the predominately pink DSP while the other half the blue.
I added the gold glimmer numbers to use the card for a friends 5oth so I also gave them the choice of numbers.

Have a happy stamping time


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