Monday, 13 February 2017

February is Birthday Month

In this house February sees 2 birthdays - mine and our middle daughter Maeve. I think Birthdays are special and although the hubby is slowly coming round to - yes everyone needs a card and no the plastic bag is not appropriate wrapping, it has and continues to be a journey.

This is Maeve's Card - yes I left it to the last minute and that is usually when I do my best non - cased work. The set is Super Duper and comes in red rubber (my favourite) Wood or Clear.
I also pulled out the balloon punch with coordinating stamp to add some texture. Do you like my highlights? They are the White Stampin' Chalk marker.

The baggie - one or our Petite Café gift bags - oh my gosh I have had them for ages but this was the first time I used them. They are so nice to stamp on and made wrapping her earings super easy. I will say did you know that these bags are poly-lined and food safe? I should have swapped out the earings for cookies!

 With your usual supplies you will also need these goodies -----

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