Friday, 20 June 2014

Lego love.

We make cards to share some love for those we give to.
A little part of me goes into every card I make especially when it's made with a celebration in mind. 
I make a lot of cards just to play with no particular recipient in mind but yesterday I had a purpose.
My little nephew is turning 5 and I needed a special card to go with his gift of the Lego Movie.
I hit Pinterest (love this resource) and noticed I'd pinned the same card 3 times but interestingly from 3 different sources all climbing the card idea was theirs. 
I will tell you I get inspiration from all over the web ans will copy great card designs because there is no reason why one should reinvent the wheel. Impost my photos for people to find inspiration from and hay feel free to copy them but I believe that the original creator should be acknowledged. 
So here is the card I made

I CASD it from  with a few tweaks of my own. I believe Marelle from here created the original inspiration for this fun idea and I thank her. 

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