Thursday, 21 November 2019

Scrapbooking Selfies - November Scrapbooking Global Stampin' Up! Blog Hop

Welcome to this months hop - It's my month to pick the theme and knowing how many photos I have that fit the title Selfie that's what I have gone with. With 13 people joining us on the hop this month I am am looking forward to seeing their pages.

A bit of a back story - We took about 6000 photos between us that were decent enough not to get deleted at the time on our trip to Hawaii in 2017. I have not scrapped many - actually I have barely scratched the surface of even sorting them! So many are selfies we had new phones that took decent photos and made the most of it. I also love the function on the iPhone that pops all selfies into their own album making sorting way easy!

A Selfie page - well it needed a camera and although I know I used the same set (Capture the Good) when I did this page back in September for our Boys Page I needed to use it again. I also pulled out the journaling pen to ensure I popped some of my notes from the day onto my page. First time in a helicopter for 4 of us - Lorri and Tony have been up in them before - so there was heaps of photos taken with I'd say about 80% of the ones with us in them being selfies.

"Selfie" typically refers to self-portrait photos taken with the camera held at arm's length, as opposed to those taken by using a self-timer or remote. A selfie, however, may include multiple subjects. As long as the photo is being taken by one of the subjects featured, it is considered a selfie.

So on that note I will encourage you to hop on over to Cynthia's page and see her "Selfie" page - 10 photos on my page and I am in 9 of them not bad - wonder if anyone else has a similar number.

Aside of photos these are my main supplies - 


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  1. Heaps and Heaps of photos... I thought I was the only one who took STUPID amount of photos while on holidays... I absolutely LOVE these papers that you used...
    I used them too <3 Can't wait to see more Hawaii holiday photos <3
    Cheers Shaz

  2. LOVE IT! So many photos, selfies even, on one layout and it totally works! That camera is still on my wishlist btw, I really should get it :)

  3. Ah, isn't this D.S.P. terrific for colourful layouts? So many selfies. I love it Thanks for sharing

  4. Ohh, the bright paper really makes your photos pop! A helicopter ride sounds fun!!

  5. What an Awesome page Courtenay!That's a lot of selfies! lol I think you have truly mastered the art. I love your background with the little sentiments and colours and the way you chanb=ged the photo sizes. Looks fab!

  6. Great page with all the background stuff happening! Oh, and fun photos, too.

  7. Amazing photos all 10 of them! That's so inspirational! Love the fun and bunching them all together makes the fun even bigger - especially with the amazing colours in the background!!

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